Our Mission

Across the country, tens-of-thousands of selfless volunteers dedicate their own resources to operate animal shelters and rescue organizations, for the simple hope of providing a second chance to an animal in need. Get Wagging was created to support these efforts, and so our journey begins by providing dogs with a basic necessity: functional collars and leashes.

How it Began

Get Wagging originated as a dog services company specializing in group walks, overnight care, and obedience training. We are proud to have always operated without any exception to breed, age, or size, which is how we were introduced to the "pit bull." When one needed rescue, we stepped in to help when everyone else refused, and our social impact company was born. We walk the walk and are honored to work alongside rescue volunteers. 

Our Products

The design of our collars and leashes is directly influenced by our extensive experience handling dogs of all types. They are manufactured to maximize safety, utility, and durability, and they look great too! Our products are proudly produced in Austin, Texas.

The Impact

Awesome, American-made products for your dog, and a second chance for the millions of other dogs in need of a basic necessity.

Meet Our Team

Founder and CEO

- Christina -

AKC CGC® Approved Evaluator, Pack Leader

Co-Founder and President

- Jason -

Former Silicon Valley Exec, Expert Treat Giver

Chief Barketing Officer

- Mr. "P" Parker -

A 90 lb Socialite in an 8 lb Package

Chief of Snacks and Head Trainer

- Lola -

AKC Community Canine, Belly Rub Aficionado