Together we inspire charitable impact, one collar at a time.

How It Works

  • SUBSCRIBE to receive a new design every month. When your next new collar arrives, send back your gently-used collar using our free return packaging and your donation will be delivered to a pet shelter to be reused. Plans start from just $15 per month!

  • Or SHOP from our selection of inspiring designs available for one-time purchase. For every Collar With A Cause purchase $5 is donated to a charitable organization making a similar impact throughout the world. 

Step 1


Select your dog's size, gender, and plan.

Step 2


Receive a fun and seasonal design.

Step 3


Send back your gently-used collar and we'll donate it.


Gently-used collars are in constant demand by animal shelters, rescues, and less fortunate four-legged friends.


Our products are not available anywhere else. The only way to get your paws on these is by supporting our mission.


High-quality, locally manufactured products that support animal rescues, volunteers, and local communities.

“In just one month, I went from dud to stud! I'm now the most popular guy at the dog park and my fur buds look to me for fashion tips and advice. All thanks to my human for subscribing to Get Wagging!"

- Mr. "P" Parker

“I've been chasing my tail for YEARS in search of the finest collars. Do you have any idea how hard it is to look this good year-round? Thanks to Get Wagging, looking this sharp is now as easy as opening my new box!"

- Winston Powers

“I seriously can't wait to open my monthly Get Wagging box. Wearing my new collar is way better than belly scratches, scarfing treats, or chasing birds! Ok maybe not better than treats... I LOVE BACON!"

- "THOR" Weathersby