How It Works

  • SUBSCRIBE to receive a new design every month. When your next new collar arrives, send back your gently-used collar using our free return packaging and your donation will be delivered to a pet shelter to be reused. Plans start from just $15 per month!

  • Or SHOP from our selection of inspiring designs available for one-time purchase. For every Collar With A Cause purchase $5 is donated to a charitable organization making a similar impact throughout the world.

Step 1


Select your dog's size, gender, and plan.

Step 2


Receive a fun and seasonal design every month.

Step 3


Send back your gently-used collar and we'll donate it.

We've seen dog "collars" made out of shoestring, electrical wiring, and a 50-pound steel chain. 

Your participation provides these dogs with a functional collar and leash.

Get Wagging products are designed to maximize safety, utility, and durability.

Constructed from American-made nylon, die cast metals, and a quick-release buckle, this design is directly influenced by our extensive experience handling dogs of all types. Our 5 ft. fixed-length leash is equally dependable, and provides just enough range for secure exploration.